Agent North America
Ashley Ventura understands what it’s like to build something from nothing. She’s a self-made female entrepreneur who built her music empire from the ground up. Ashley’s passion and drive for music started with playing the violin, but she quickly realized her talents were best utilized behind the scenes. After receiving a degree in Business Administration from Liberty University Online, she set out to make a name for herself in the Albany area as a concert promoter. Since then, she’s booked hundreds of major events, as well as, a handful of tours, which she says were some of the most rewarding experiences of her life. For Ashley, becoming an agent was the next natural step in her career. Being an innovator in the music industry, Ashley is always ahead of the curve. In order to stay on top, she plots every move so each of her clients has every advantage necessary to find their audience and sell-out tours. Most importantly, Ashley works to protect and groom her clients because working with them changed the trajectory of her life and helped her find her purpose, which is exactly what she wants to do for their careers.