Agent North America
Toronto native Liam Firth knows firsthand the joy that music can bring people. That’s because his passion for music inspires him both professionally and personally. Prior to starting work as a booking agent Liam played bass in Alterbeast, Flub, and Becomes Astral. From there Liam started promoting local bands in Toronto, and eventually expanded to booking smaller tours for bands he believed in. These days, he mostly works on the management side as a booking agent. He’s been booking tours independently across Canada and has since expanded his reach throughout North America. This includes running the Canadian death metal festival, Guelph Death Fest, which sells out every year.
These experiences have helped Liam develop a winning formula for helping bands choose a dedicated team so they can achieve success and book sold-out tours. This also includes his drive to help bands hammer out record deals, discover the right PR, and even choose the best management for their particular needs. Liam’s favorite part of booking tours is the gratitude he gets from the bands he works with, as well as, the joy he experiences from watching fans at shows. Liam believes the relationships he creates with bands are what makes him so good at what he does.