Los Angeles-based Alternative Rock artist ANSON is set to bridge early 2000’s emo-rock with today’s mainstream stratosphere. With a distinct sound and message crafted by songwriter Anson Li, ANSON offers an array of introspective songs about life and discovering who you are. Heavily influenced by groups like Taking Back Sunday, Mayday Parade, Jimmy Eat World and Paramore, ANSON offers a bold blend of catchy choruses and deep lyrical content to bring a refreshing sound to an aged genre with hopes to rekindle the love of emo-rock to fans who have strayed away.

Growing up, Anson was surrounded by music. He started learning guitar at the age of five and from middle school on, began devoting his time to mastering the art of singing and songwriting. After a handful of failed bands and solo projects throughout high school and college, Anson created ANSON in hopes of a better, more serious path forward in his music career. In 2017, ANSON debuted with the EP “To Be or Nothing at All” which was well-received helping ANSON garner a strong global fan base. The lead single from the EP “Hailey” has now amassed over 650k streams and allowed ANSON to do extensive touring in the U.S.

Now in 2020, ANSON has returned with his first LP “a note for you to find…”, an extensive look into Anson’s personal life and journey. The album offers a dark but catchy energy through the songs that share tales of broken romances and the constant struggles of being a musician in modern times.

North America