Hailing from a small-town in Illinois, Ashland took their name from a long-ago phenomenon that speaksto both destruction and transcendence. “My grandma told me a story about an old town that had been burned down by a fire and was renamed Ashland once it was rebuilt. We love the idea of beauty and growth coming from pain and struggle, and I think it really connects with the whole spirit of our band,” explains vocalist Asia Marie, who cofounded the band with Aaron Wood.After the release of their sophomore album Over The Moon (2019, Rise Records) the band took the first half of 2020 to zoom out and look at their career through a wide lens. As the meaning behind their band name states, beauty and growth will rise from the ashes. The duo began furiously writing new songs and reconnecting to their rootsmusically and lyrically, putting all of the aggression and anguishthat was 2019-2020 into song. The pair found newly relocated Nashville producer Andrew Baylis (Jelly Roll, Sylar, Vrsty) to bring the songs to life. “Baylis was honestly a God send,” Asia elaborating more says, “He’s down to earth and works super fast. He challenged us in ways and that’s something we always enjoy! We think he brought out the best in these songs.”Ashland’s new self-titled EP, stylized as I,will be released in April 2021. The three songs pack a punch with a mixture of rock, alternative and pop instrumentals accompanied by lyrics that tell a story of struggle but coming out strong and powerful in the end. Watch out now because there’s still more yet to come.

North America