At first glance Asian Doll’s pretty brown skin tone and exotic eyes one may think of sugar and spice and everything nice, but once they hear her rip a trap verse it’s apparent this young lady is anything but the typical girl. Like the peers she looks up to such as Lil Yachty, 21 Savage and even Young Thug; Asian Doll is unapologetic about her lifestyle. This doll has experienced far more than one would assume looking at her pretty features . “I started rapping about four years ago. I just became obsessed with my future,” Asian Doll recalls. Instead of mimicking the females aspiring to get to hiphop royalty, she studied the style of the hottest male rappers she could relate to. “All the girls I heard were soft in how they talked or the stuff they talked about was mostly boys. I rap about what me and my family went through. I talk about what I know; people doubting me, being around drugs, jail, all that.” Her online presence continues to grow exponentially as she plans the release of her latest mixtape “Kill Bill”. When asked if she is excited about her future, Asian Doll says she hasn’t begun to show her fans how far up her star is going, “I’m a ticking time bomb that hasn’t exploded yet,” Asian Doll predicts.

North America