Born from the Mountain Mud and California Sun.

Beasto Blanco was formed in 2012 by Vocalist Chuck Garric and Guitarist Chris Latham. They set out to create a live, raw power, rock & roll band that would let them indulge their influences and imagery that shaped their collective musical background.

Chuck Garric hails from the mountains of Lake Tahoe, California and Chris Latham from Anchorage, Alaska. Both moved to Los Angels California with a guitar in one hand, the other gripping the stirring wheel.

To rear the sound out of the Beast, the band hired producer Tommy Henriksen. Right from the first roar of recording, Henriksen realized Beasto Blanco is a band thats tapping into a truly unique rock sound.

It was important for Beasto Blanco to stay true to their old school roots, with a innovative attitude and fresh technology – mix in the mind of Tommy Henriksen and Beasto Blanco is alive.

Beasto Blanco recently filmed a music video with Director Charles Conklyn for the song “Breakdown”.The video gives the pack a graphic glimpse into the world of Beasto Blanco and what to anticipate from a live show.

The Band:

Chuck Garric (Vocals – Guitar – Bass) has spent a majority of his career touring and recording with some of the biggest acts in the business, most recently an ongoing position as the bass player with Alice Cooper.

Chris Latham (Lead Guitar – Back Ground Vocals) has spent the last few years as the lead guitar player and song writer for Paper Back Hero.


North America