BYSTANDER is an up and coming American heavy metal outfit based out of Portland, Oregon. Blending more technical styles of death metal riffs with groove inspired deathcore breakdowns, BYSTANDER brings forth a crushing sound reminiscent of the golden era of heavy metalcore & “djent,” appealing to fans of Whitechapel, Meshuggah, Thy Art Is Murder, Volumes, Born Of Osiris, After the Burial & more.

The band originally formed under the name Sisyphean Conscience in October of 2010 initially made up of 5 childhood friends, two being brothers. 4/5 of the original members are still with the group today: Guitarist Blaine Brun, drummer Garrett Haag, bassist Austin Haag, and frontman Taylor Gorman. In the winter of 2015 guitarist John Dormier joined the band helping to craft a new sound and writing direction that would become BYSTANDER. After trying to write new music as Sisyphean Conscience for many years the band decided that the sound was too new & unique with the addition of John Dormier, making the tough decision to rebrand as BYSTANDER and start their journey as a new project.

BYSTANDER will continue to bring crushing extreme metal music to the table in the coming years, and hope to tour nationally as well as world wide.

North America