Life may or may not be about finding out who you are, but it’s certainly not about ignoring the truth. You are alone inside your head, and try as you might; you will never escape yourself. You can try to run, but that will only delay the inevitable. 

On Change Of Plans, the latest album from New Jersey’s Can’t Swim, self-love takes the form of accountability. The band — Chris LoPorto, Danny Rico, Greg McDevitt, Mike Sanchez, Blake Gamel — reflects on the weight of their decisions and its impact on the trajectory of their lives, both good and bad. It’s not about playing the victim but rather learning to appreciate what little control we have in an otherwise chaotic existence. Regardless of what happens, we each play an active part in shaping our future, and we must reckon with the responsibility of that power.

“Life doesn’t go as planned,” says Can’t Swim vocalist Chris LoPorto. “Can’t Swim has always been a great example of that. Things have gone wrong for us constantly, and yet, we keep going. We’ve gotten good at adapting, and that has helped us feel more comfortable trying new things. It’s funny how that happens.”

Change Of Plans is a culmination of everything Can’t Swim has been building and exploring over the last six years, combining their signature visceral lyricism and cathartic rock sound with influences ranging from the worlds of folk to EDM. One could say it’s a little bit of everything all rolled into one, and in a way, that’s true.

“All the good songs I’ve been working on for the last two to three years finally have a home,” says vocalist Chris LoPorto. “We didn’t expect to record an album last year, but the opportunity came up, and we took it. After our recent EPs and singles, it made sense to put together a record.”

When life is more unpredictable than ever, Can’t Swim is striking the perfect balance of hope and realism by writing songs that embrace the chaos of life. They want to find and harness a vibe that makes living a bit easier for everyone, and with each release, they’re getting closer to that goal.

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