Casketmaker is a Deathcore band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; comprised of Michael Cobin, Junior Cheatham, Steve Buvalla, Jake Mingoy, and Brad Forte.

Established in October of 2018, Casketmaker released an EP titled “To Death”, multiple music videos, a series of playthrough videos, completed a handful of small tours, and played with a variety of national acts. Full of raw emotion; Casketmaker has crushingly heavy breakdowns, tasteful melodic hooks, and orchestral elements that will leave every listener wanting more, and a live performance that will surely have you moving along with them. The sound could be compared to earlier bands in the Deathcore genre, leaving fans undoubtedly refreshed, while familiar with the sound of Casketmaker.

“Casketmaker is one of those bands who comes along and redefines what brutal and extreme metal can be; both creatively and sonically. Their EP, “To Death” is six blasts of brutal metal-core infused chaos drabbed classily in [an] epic atmosphere. This is a meeting point for all forms of extreme and punishing metal.” – Caleb Straus / First Angel Media