Bred in the backwoods of Portland Maine. Cruel Hand came out swinging with a well received 7 inch followed quickly after by their debut full length “Without A Pulse”. Intense touring followed right into the creation of their next release “Prying Eyes” which was followed again by an intense and extensive touring regiment that saw them tour worldwide. After leaving no place untouched the band followed up quickly¬†with “Lock And Key”. In typical Cruel Hand fashion the band hit the road again, not stopping for several years. When it seemed a new album wasn’t going to come the band dropped their progressive¬†album “The Negatives” which led to a broader reach seeing them tour with bands outside of Hardvore and grace the warped tour stage. “The World Won’t Listen” was their follow, some intense touring came after the band then took an extended break. COme to 2020 the band is back with ‘Dark Side of The Cage” a unique 12 inch EP that has brough the band back to the forefront of hardcore.

North America