Austin, TX based artist Jeff Azar A.KA. Demi the Daredevil went from the drummer to being a one-man show after the original lead singer Jovan Ortiz suddenly passed away. Demi mixes theatrically edgy vocals with an alternative emo pop style to create a unique sound that you can’t quite find anywhere else. Jeff’s unconventional approach to songwriting provides the listener with deep, relatable meaning, choosing substance over radio norms, creating a safe space and community for weirdos among other weirdos. Pure and raw emotion spills out from every self-produced gothic fantasy-like track, transporting you to a darkly ethereal yet nostalgic atmosphere. With the character, Demi, you’ve found your safe creepy place.
Demi has eclipsed 2 million Spotify streams, over 53,00 monthly listeners, 1,000+ fan art pieces, and has been featured on Buzzfeed, Rock the Vote, Warped Tour, Buffering the Web Series, Digital Tour Bus, Pop Song Professor, Don’t Bore Us, The One, American Songwriter Top 100 and Springboard Music Festival to name a few. Demi has also collaborated with Kevin Butler (Blue October), Sean O’Keefe (Fall Out Boy), and Austin Bello (Forever the Sickest Kids), with songs being actively pitched to Netflix, NBC, Disney+, and more.
North America