DOLLAR SIGNS is a rock quintet from North Carolina. Their energetic, chaotic, and at times humorous live shows are a spectacle among their peers and followers. The band is nearly genre-less at times — their music is a scrapbook of contextual references and homage to pop, punk, and even hip-hop. Additionally, the group is made up of career-creatives of various mediums; part videographer, part visual artist, part creative marketer. For DOLLAR SIGNS, the band acts as a conduit for growth and self-preservation for the overworked and the underpaid. It’s also a really good time. “Whatever gig we’re playing, we just want to be the most fun band of the night”: a sentiment shared at every show, every evening. DOLLAR SIGNS’ lead, Erik Button, invites every audience member into his mind, with lyrics that are relatable on an almost spiritual level; everyone’s shared anxieties are broadcast onto the stage and then shouted down with joyous authority. The band radiates a confident presence despite singing lines like, “you are a possum, living in the trash can of my heart” or “I’ve never met anyone who couldn’t beat me up but I still wanna fight when I get drunk”. With all of this self-loathing, the group finds plenty of room to remind everyone that laughing at yourself is important, and it’s even easier to do in a room full of people who are just as sweaty and nervous as they are. The band is currently continuing to support their 2018 LP, “THIS WILL HAUNT ME”, on A-F Records.

North America