Empty is a post hardcore band out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. In late 2017 Gary Spears, Cody Constantine, and Mitch Mayes founded their own outfit worthy of the local metalcore scene they’d all fallen in love with. Their journey since best demonstrates their tenacity as a group; in the limited time since their conception they’ve landed multiple tours, self released an EP, and signed with the label they dreamed of, Solid State Records.

Their debut full-length, Hope And The Loss Of It, proves that Empty is a band full of surprises. Introducing their heaviest and lightest tracks on the same album, Empty thrives on impulse and ingenuity. Their live show is just as spontaneous, promising the free-for-all racket most hardcore bands don’t offer anymore. Their sprightliness, partnered with their motive to breed environments rich in acceptance, guarantees that the band Empty is anything but. Hope And The Loss Of It was released in September 2019.

North America