As a Florida-based rapper and celebrated member of the Midnight Society, Fukkit has been making considerable waves gaining over 19k followers with his fresh, distinct style.

The day he made his first track he was forced to come up with a stage name, which resulted in “Fukkit.” The 20 year-old from Miami, Florida started releasing tracks as early as 2016 with a varied discography. He occasionally would post dark, full-throttle tracks, while other times he would opt for a more boom bap feel. “BASH HIS F*CKING BRAINS WIT A MALLET, MY DUDE” even sounds like a Top 40 right off the radio in 2006. His very innovative mind is shown through interesting, click-bitesque track titles. “how to rap generic, a freestyle tutorial” and “just shut the fuck up for once, please.. holy shit” are notable examples.

One of his most popular songs,“30” is produced by none other than Captain Crunch. Fukkit’s incredibly unique flow hooks you from the very beginning of the verse and literally drags you throughout the entire song – all while forcing you to like it. Fukkit was a previous member of Members Only, but it was only after beef with the infamous XXXtentacion thathe left to join Midnight Society. Midnight Society with members Kamiyada, Yung Bambi, The Virus and the Antitdote and others, complement Fukkit’s original style without getting boring or repetitive. Fukkit is currently dropping hard hitting tracks left and right, and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. If you haven’t listened to any of his music yet, start from the beginning, and work your way to the present. You will not regret it.

North America