A southern style artist who delivers the truth about his life through his music. Gizmo looks forward to working other independent artist who can deliver the power, lyrics and hype that he does. Currently he has one compilation CD with Killah Quintana (Killah Muzik Ent@YouTube), which is his introduction to working with west coast artist. He also has one solo mix tape “TRUE LIVIN’ Vol.1”, wich he is releasing himself, February 14, 2014, under his independent label, GUNZ UP MUSIC (GUNZ UP MUSIC@YouTube). Currently his latest singles include: The Shake Down ft. Killah Quintana, availble on The KillMo Album, and Hustla’s Move, released on TRUE LIVIN’ Vol.1. For questions or booking information please contact: gunzupmusic@gmail.com and address, Enrique. Thank you for taking time to listen, read and supporting the independent hustle.

North America