Gold Steps was formed in 2016 to create catchy, powerful music inspired by The Wonder Years, State Champs and Neck Deep. A chance meeting with nonprofit HeartSupport led the band to bring personal experiences with mental health to the forefront, setting the stage for 2018’s thematic EP, Incandescent.

In between tours supporting Calling All Captains, Settle Your Scores, Till I Fall and Summer Wars, Gold Steps hit the studio with producer Rick King and Hit The Light’s Nick Thompson. In 2019, the band dropped singles “Empty Space,” and “Under Attack,” showcasing the band’s strengths, with bright leads and fill-heavy drums supporting dynamic vocal melodies.

After nearly a year of silence, Gold Steps re-emerged in 2021 by announcing a new lineup and new music to come. Glimpses on social media showed the band reuniting with Thompson, and teasing more pop-forward hooks. In June of 2021, Alternative Press named Gold Steps to their list of “13 Artists Who Are Reclaiming The Pop-Punk Music Scene in 2021” alongside Meet Me @ The Altar and Jetty Bones.

Gold Steps is Liz Mauritz (vocals), Zach Duarte (guitar), Ryan Rivas (bass), and Mike Britz (drums). The band has toured the US extensively; shared stages with As It Is, Sharptooth, Belmont, Handguns, The Ataris, and Forever Came Calling; and performed at the Vans Warped Tour, Summerfest, SXSW, and So What?! Music Fest. Spotify has featured the band on playlists “Pop Punk’s Not Dead,” “Crash Course,” and “New Punk Tracks.” The band has partnered with nonprofits HeartSupport and Hope Through Headphones to increase education and provide resources for those coping with mental health conditions, addiction and abuse. Liz explains, “I know what it’s like to hurt, to feel alone, to want to give up in a moment of darkness; if we can make one person feel understood and less alone, we have been successful.”

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