Greyhaven, a four-piece progressive post-hardcore group from Louisvile, Kentucky are back and ready shed light on life’s darkest areas with the announcement of their new record, ‘This Bright and Beautiful World’. But first, Brent Mills (vocals), Nick Spencer (guitar), Johnny Muench (bass) and Ethan Spray (drums) are ready to have some fun with the drop of the newest single, “ALL CANDY”.

With two records under their belt (‘Cult America’ and ‘Empty Black’), the band began writing their third record utilizing classic Greyhaven chaotic energy. Having written this record in 5 different locations, the band wanted to make sure that all of their ideas were able to present themselves once they entered the studio with producer Will Putney. Taking pride in simply being “4 guys who like to play music”, Greyhaven was confident that they would be able to sort through the 18 demos that they entered the studio with and pick out the best new songs of the batch. The guys endured a very organic process and like to ensure that this record sounds like it was meant to be played live.