Arizona groove metal hotheads Incite finally set fire to the Old World. After five relentless albums coming down like a ten ton hammer and with an insane touring schedule under their belts, Richie Cavalera and his gang of misfits gear up for their Atomic Fire debut “Wake up dead”. This infectious collection of raucous new songs and remastered gems from their 15+ year career is once again proving that Incite indeed are the missing link between Machine Head and Lamb of God.

And no wonder, with a guy like this helming the enterprise: Richie Cavalera was simply born this way. No tape collection of an older brother, no friend who incidentally took him to a Machine Head show back in the nineties. Not him. He’s the archetypal metal guy, an Obelix who fell into a cauldron of condensed heavy metal essence. He was baptized in a bar by Rob Halford’s devil horns when only a few days old, he’s the kid on the cover of legendary US thrashers Atrophy’s groundbreaking “Violent by Nature” album. Take that, “Nevermind” kiddo! Can you imagine this Arizona metal freak becoming a lawyer? Hell no. His mom is more metal than you will ever be. “Music has been there since my birth,” he says. “It only makes sense that I became a metalhead. I’m here to carry our name and metal into the future for years to come.”