YNW JGreen is an American rapper. Also popular as J Green, he is best known as a part of the YNW music entourage alongside other rappers including YNW Melly. He stepped into the rap scene in 2017 by featuring in Melly’s single “Youngins”. Since then, he has released several hit songs, such as “Love Scars”, “Rugged” and “Up Next”. Born in Florida, J Green witnessed his parents’ separation at a young age, following which he moved back and forth the two households. He grew up alongside a brother with whom he later collaborated on the famous track “Florida Water”. Today, J Green is undoubtedly one of the prominent young upcoming rappers in the country. His unbeatable and unique way of rapping has earned him thousands of fans not only in US, but all across the globe. The talented rapper has a massive social media following, especially on YouTube where he is listened to and watched by millions.


North America