Modern death metal needs a twist. Too much music is predicated around what artists think fans want to hear. A new culture is emerging with new tastes, new hungers, and the ever-increasing amount of elite heavy metal fans crave the kind of output that we deliver.

The diverse collaboration of influences that make up the framework of Krosis is why we put out the music that we do. Too much of modern death metal and deathcore is limited to a paradigm; Krosis seeks to eliminate boundaries. With backgrounds of rock, jazz, concert bands and music theory, we bring together many parts of a musical spectrum to emerge the new being that is Krosis into the hearts of thousands of lovers of heavy, themed music.

Krosis is proud to say that we make every attempt to make every song unique, but undeniably Krosis. There is no element of sacrificing musical quality or production for the sake of simply putting out content, nor do any dreams of grandeur get in the way of focusing on the truly important elements of being in the music industry. We pull no punches in terms of diversity, originality, and heaviness.

With Krosis, there is no selling out, and there is no lack of creativity. We don’t like settling for what simply sounds “good”. We strive in every way to be memorable; our music is an amalgam of those who are not only successful in the metal market, but also those who refuse to bow to norms. We are all about creating new trends, fresh ideas, and even entirely unique genres. Most of all, we’re proud to present every track to you, knowing that we gave our listeners and fans our absolute best. For some, living the dream is being in front of thousands, with lights and cameras aimed at them. For us, it’s each simple step along the way, each note and each beat, pouring our mind and soul into every creation, so that you can be a part of the experience with us.

North America