Aidan Farazdel stage name “Lil Blurry” was born in San Francisco, California. He started singing, playing, drums and keyboard just at the age of 3. At the young age of 10, he learned how to record himself and released his first song on SoundCloud under name “Icy Aidan”. He began taking music serious, and met Lil Boosie, who signed him and became his mentor. He’s currently getting ready to release his record with DJ Khaled entitled “Important”. Even with the big name feature, the young musician has plenty of solo ammo in the arsenal. A preview has surfaced of a new record entitled “Hate on Me” rumored to be a quick follow up to Important. With over 300k following on all social media platforms, and over millions of streams, he’s become an artist to be reckoned with. He’s soon going to change the entire sound wave of music.

North America