LUCA is a hardcore/metalcore band based in Chicago, IL. The band was founded in 2014 by Nick Hopp (guitar), Andy Bisceglie (Drums), and Felipe Rodela Trujillo (guitar). Originally intended as a melodic hardcore band, LUCA has expanded their sound to blend hardcore, metalcore, and emo on their most recent EP “Sink or Swim” (2019). After touring rigorously in support of the EP, LUCA returned to Bricktop Recording in March 2020 to track 3 new singles. Fate would have it that the Covid-19 pandemic descended at the very same time and the entire city of Chicago shut down the very next day after tracking had completed. With the future uncertain and endless free time due to quarantine, the band drafted a plan to bring the singles into a series of interconnected music videos. The videos strive to encapsulate the internal struggle experienced by the band during quarantine while also staying true to the subject matter of the lyrics.