Vivacious Atlanta artist Maggie Schneider has spent 2019 developing her sincere brand of a woman who was raised by music, a woman who delivers unapologetic self-love declarations while lifting up others all around her. Now, with her newest single “Don’t Tell Me”, Maggie Schneider has affirmed her place within the music industry as an incredibly talented and determined musician.

Maggie adds a mixture of fresh, honest, and open-hearted lyrics that pinpoint her authentic life experiences that lead her to create music. In 2016 Schneider began taking over the stage with staple pop/rock acts like State Champs, Like Pacific, and Courage My Love, and quickly demanded the attention from listeners with an electric stage presence. 2018 included an exclusive performance on the final cross-country run of the Vans Warped Tour, an invitation to sing guest vocals on stage with Sleep On It, and a collaboration with Wolfi. Also in 2018, Schneider launched, Tinted Glasses, a career-changing EP, produced by Rian Dawson of All Time Low at Track Happy Studios. The 4-track unit is about navigating life, relationships and growing up on the east coast.
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