Migrant Motel is:

David Stewart, Jr. (Vocals/Guitar/Bass)

Salvador “Chava” Ilizaliturri (Drums)

Alternative Rock duo Migrant Motel combines modern rock sounds with contemporary production techniques into a

blend that is unique yet familiar. They have steadily released music since 2017, with 10 singles and an album in their

catalog so far. The band has grown their fan base in Mexico and throughout Latin America and has started making

in-roads into the growing Bi-Lingual and Bi-Cultural youth movement in North America. Migrant Motel will be making a

head-lining appearance on the BMI stage at the 30th anniversary Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago on July 29th, with

supporting dates surrounding that appearance now being booked. Rolling Stone Mexico has tapped the band as “The

Future of Bi-Lingual Rock. With the release new single and video “Sweat” on July 23rd, the band plans to live up to that


On making this big leap career-wise with the featured performance at Lollapalooza, Chava says “Getting asked to play

Lolla this year is absolutely insane! It’ll be our first time at a big festival and to be given the opportunity to close the BMI

stage on the first day – let alone play at all, is an incredible honor. It feels like we’ve been building the history of Migrant

Motel for a while and now is the first time it’s mixing in with the history of Rock N’ Roll. From now on, we’ll always be on

the bill for the 1st Lollapalooza after Covid… It’s a dream come true.

In speaking about the inspiration for “Sweat” David explains “This song is honestly just about feeling bad ass; everything

from the groove, the lyrics, the production – it’s all focused on making the listener feel like they’re on top of the world.

We wanted to give a feeling of being “untouchable”: Having complete dominion over a situation, leading us to cheekily

say “C’mon, AT LEAST make me sweat while I beat you!”

As for the video, Stewart adds “I’ve been directing our videos for a while now and this was one of the most fun videos

we’ve done. We teamed up with Luis Zavaleta and Victor Ingles for a multi-day shoot in separate locations. With Victor

we wanted to get the more cinematic, in studio, slow-motion visuals of the band. Luis style is much more “run and gun”.

We were inspired by 90’s music videos of the Beastie Boys and wanted to replicate that old school “fish eye” lens look.

We filmed at the Sepulveda Dam in LA at noon and it was hot as hell – and I forgot to bring sunscreen. Took me a long

time to bring down the reds in Victor’s studio shots because I looked like a boiled shrimp the next day! But that’s Rock

and Roll”🤘

Made up of Peruvian-American David Stewart Jr. and Mexican native Chava Ilizaliturri, Migrant Motel formed in Boston

while they were studying together at Berklee College of Music. Becoming fast friends with shared musical tastes, the

band was very active on the East Coast of the United States playing hundreds of shows in the New England and New York

areas. In 2017 the duo released their first album “Volume One”, which included the groove heavy, international hit “New

Religion”, which today has more than one million streams on Spotify alone. The success of that release led to the band

landing a direct support slot for the legendary Mexican band Café Tacuba at House of Blues.

Seeking more opportunities and a bigger stage, the pair relocated to Los Angeles in 2018. The band played multiple

shows on the Los Angeles circuit, performing in legendary venues such as the Whiskey A Go Go, the Viper Room, the

Rainbow and the Troubadour. It was later that year Chava relocated to his hometown of Mexico City – while the band

continued to create music together remotely. In 2019, Migrant Motel released the single “Different Kind Of Leather.” The

duo began to function as a band with two scenes: the Mexican and the American. 2019 saw the band play its first shows

in different parts of the Mexican Republic as well throughout California. Releasing singles regularly, the pair has

positioned themselves in both scenes through steady fan growth and the press.

In 2020 they were uniquely experienced to continue to thrive during the pandemic lockdown, having already become

accustomed to working together online. The year concluded with their first collaboration with a Latin American artist

(and Latin Grammy nominee) Soy Emilia, with their single “I Don’t Wanna Know” becoming their first bilingual song, sung

in English and Spanish.

2021 has been very productive for the duo as they have released “Muñequita Rota” as another Bi-Lingual single and

more recently “Bad Machine”. More singles and an EP will be released later this year