Natalie Anne was born and raised in San Diego, CA. At 13 she picked up the guitar and began writing every minute she could. Soon after graduating high school, Natalie moved to New York in 2016 to pursue her music career. There came a time where she knew it was important to focus on her own original material and quit playing cover tunes in bars every week to get by. Since Natalie came to NY, she had been songwriting with guitarist Rob Wagner. He strongly recommended that she go to VuDu Studios to record her first EP where she met producer Mike Watts who had a tremendous influence on sticking to an organic approach in her Country/Americana style of music. They spent hours working on Pre-Production, visiting every musical attribute. Mike introduced her to Ben Gorham (Keyboards/vocals) and Reese Ortenberg (Bass/Guitar) who hit it off immediately. Just a bunch of musical scalawags… “The Damn Shandys”. Throughout the better part of a year, the team wrote, demoed, and recorded her debut album “Overlook Trail”. Natalie & The Damn Shandys engage listeners with honest & heartfelt lyrics complimented by soaring harmonies and organic musicianship. Each song represents a unique path that brought her to where she is now. Attending one of their shows is a unique experience filled with a full range of emotion as they fearlessly share genuine life stories with their audience.
North America
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