Nevertel started in 2014, formed by members Raul Lopez, Jeremy Michael, & Alec Davis. Their debut album was titled Living Fiction and it was released on every streaming/music platform available on April 5th, 2016. This album was produced/mixed/master entirely by Raul Lopez. Living Fiction put them on the radar of gold record producer, James Paul Wisner (Underoath, Paramore, The Dangerous Summer). The album ended up accumulating over 100k streams on Spotify in just over a year’s time.

Shortly after the release of Living Fiction, the band hit the studio & began to work. From that, “Blind World” launched across all music platforms on Nov. 11th, 2016. This song was produced by Raul Lopez, & mixed/mastered by James Paul Wisner.

With the help & guidance of James Wisner as a full-on producer, the band narrowed down 6 songs and went into the studio Nov. 25th, 2017 to begin the two week long process of recording a new release with new drummer, Josh Barter. Their first EP Deep Down officially launched on all music platforms Sep. 28th, 2018. This album was produced/mixed by James Paul Wisner, co-produced by Raul Lopez, & mastered by legendary Andy Vandette (David Bowie, Rush, Skillet). This album ended up accumulation over 250k streams on Spotify in just 6 months. With songs like “Cold” accumulating over 100k streams in just 4 months.

The band released a brand new single, “All Good,” in July 2019, which received support from outlets such as Alternative Press, Loudwire & New Fury Media.
North America