Off Road Minivan is an alternative rock band from Red Hook, NY. Their sound—a nod to acts like Jimmy Eat World, Thrice, and Snow Patrol—is the direct result of decade-long friendships and a collective passion for 90’s grunge. Lead vocalist Ryan “Tuck” O’leary (Fit For A King) uses Off Road Minivan as an opportunity to write the softer rock he loves to play. His band mates Melvin Brinson, Dave Trimboli, Miles Sweeny, and Evan Garcia Renart all play active roles in the writing process too, collaborating and building songs in sessions, not on screens. “Our main point is to try and get away from what everyone is doing,” explains O’leary, referencing the popularity of electronic music. “We want the organic part of music, the kind that really fills the room, to be what we’re known for.

North America