In 2004, upset by the belief that the local town council were conspiring against him, Colorado resident Marvin Heemeyer went on a rampage with a specially modified armoured bulldozer, destroying property, public buildings and vehicles. Sixteen years later, Detroit thrashers PLAGUE YEARS have harnessed that same destruction and turned it into debut album Circle of Darkness, out now via eOne and the follow up to 2018’s crushing EP Unholy Infestation.


The beautiful thing about PLAGUE YEARS is that it doesn’t matter what era you prefer when it comes to thrash metal, they’ve got you covered. If you’re relatively new to the genre and want something in a similar vein to POWER TRIP, then the likes of the title track with its breakneck tempo and the explosive opening track Play The Victim will be right up your street. Exposed to thrash at the turn of the 90’s with OBITUARY and the early recordings of SEPULTURA? Look no further than Incantation and the groovalicious World In Blood, which chugs along quite beautifully. If your journey began even further back, well you’re in luck – Paradox of Death opens with what sounds like SLAYER covering For Whom the Bell Tolls and continues in a similar, thunderous vein for it’s duration, a song that will no doubt incite pits when the band can finally play live again; there’s also Evil One in that area too, a wicked throwback to a time that some believe has never been topped.

North America