Horns pierce a red skull as glowing blue eyes stare ahead. “Grym Synner” presides over a carnival of arena-size heavy metal, nocturnal industrial, lust-y lyrical oddities, and head-nodding hooks known as Psycho Synner. By day, the ringmaster masquerades as Jeremy Spencer—a co-founder and former drummer of multiplatinum hard rock juggernaut Five Finger Death Punch and New York Times-bestselling author. When the lights go down, “Grym Synner” comes out. Carrying on a tradition of highwire escapism through rock ‘n’ roll, the crimson marauder unlocks another dimension altogether on the band’s 2021 multi album independent debut.

“This is a whole experience,” says Spencer. “It’s a combination of visuals and music. I missed the theatricality of bands like KISS, Rob Zombie, and Marilyn Manson. I wanted to bring in those heavy elements with a sexually charged energy.”

In that respect, it’s fitting Psycho Synner’s origins can be traced back to Spencer’s bedroom. He spent countless hours cooking up songs with keyboards and synths, conjuring up the framework for what would become the band. Eventually, he linked up with co-producer, co-writer Shawn McGhee [Drowning Pool] to record Unholy Hymns for the Children in 2020. Finding a devilish crossroads between the crunch of Zombie, synth wizardry of Gary Numan, and orgasmic goth of Type O Negative, he cultivated a sharp signature style.

At the same time, he unleashed his true self on tape—the red-faced maestro of all things obscene “Grym Synner.” “I love the imagery,” he grins. “I’d never seen a devil frontman, so that’s what I became. Once you dress up as
Grym Synner, you can do anything you want. There are no rules.”
That brings us to his anthemic first single, the number one radio hit “Devil From Hell.” A distorted twang gives way to his dusky baritone as he admits, “I have only one burning desire…to set this motherfucking world on fire,” before exploding into a powder keg of a chorus.

“It announces we’re basically coming here to kill it as much as we can,” he explains. “I found my own way and made my stance. This is the best way to introduce the world to this band. We’re ready to make a fucking wave.”
Then, there’s “Love On The Grave.” Representing another side of Psycho Synner, it perverts the “rock ballad” in the best way.

“It’s more new wave,” he elaborates. “It’s got that vibe. It’s one of my favorites, and it’s basically about having sex on a grave.”

Spencer is just the man to shock this vision to life. He spent over a decade recording and touring the world with Five Finger Death Punch, anchoring the band from the drum throne. Along the way, he also authored his memoir
In the end, Psycho Synner gives rock music the villain it yearns for in 2021 and beyond.

“I hope you get whatever you need to get from this,” he leaves off. “It’s meant to be an experience with an unpredictable and diverse sound. I can’t wait to take it out on the road.”

Death Punch’d – Surviving Five Finger Death Punch’s Metal Mayhem, which reached the New York Times Celebrity Best Seller’s list. However, Psycho Synner marks a full circle moment as it distills all of his experiences and inspirations into one combustible concoction