Brooklyn rapper Rah Swish came up as part of the drill scene that included other fierce talents like Pop Smoke and Curly Savv. He brought a deep tone, rapid-fire delivery, and intense energy to charged singles and mixtapes like 2020’s WOO Forever.

Rah Swish was born and raised in Brooklyn and was rapping by his late teens. He got his start running with a New York-based rap collective called Never Broke Again (no affiliation to Louisiana rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again) and first started appearing on other artists’ songs around 2016. From there, Rah Swish released several singles, gaining more exposure with tracks like 2018’s “Lifestyle” and the 2019 group track “Wooo Walk,” made with Fetty Luchiano, Sosa Geek, and Young Costamado. His 2019 mixtape Look What They Started (Reloaded) collected several of his best-known songs as well as some new material. In 2020, Rah Swish released WOO Forever, a new collection of tracks that included “Feel Like Pop,” a tribute to his recently deceased friend Pop Smoke.

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