In a year of cultural and political upheaval, it is no accident that the successor to Rogue’s Anomaly is more aggressive and direct than ever. Following the promise of their debut record, Aeon brings back the head-spinning riffs and ethereal vocals that fans of Northlane and Invent Animate have come to expect from the young act.
Based out of Lafayette, LA, Rogue stormed onto the scene in 2018 seeking to push the envelope in the progressive metalcore genre. Released in early 2019, Anomaly debuted at #9 and #30 on the iTunes Metal and Rock charts respectively, with Metal Nexus calling it “djenty perfection” full of “spastic tapping and pit-inducing verses.” The success of the debut before the band had performed live only fueled their passion to immediately begin working on new music, and this enthusiasm shows in the new record.
Led by singles Sapien and Ethos, the band’s affirmation for their questioning of metaphysical and political structures has only grown on Aeon. “In a culture where people are constantly immersed in their digital lives, we wanted to encourage free thought and present people with ideas they may not be exposed to on a daily basis. These are the times where we can make a difference by refusing to remain silent or complicit,” says guitarist Jeffrey Fisher. With topics such as morality, religion, and media saturation surfacing, Aeon stands as the thought-provoking second chapter from Rogue that will satiate both new and old fans of the genre.
North America