We all have words we use to describe ourselves, but Sincerely Collins takes his self-descriptors to the next level: ALIEN, visionary, wordsmith, genius, wizard. That’s not just smooth talk — the man lives his truth every day and tells the stories that he knows best.

The work of this Phoenix-born hip hop artist is teeming with joy, pain, hardship, celebration — an autobiography, to be sure, but also a blueprint for the life and spirituality of the Everyman. Collins taps into the common experiences of his uncommon life with his otherworldly lyrics, and in doing so, becomes the kind of messenger that is too often missing in today’s musical landscape.

Collins’ work is a microcosm of his life: both sobering and brash.

Born Kyle Collins, he grew up without a father, survived the early disappearance of his mother and later homelessness, then threw everything he had into music and expression. Listening to his work is an eye-opening existential journey — a road map to enlightenment.

“I make music for dreamers,” he says. “I make music for people who just know that there’s more, I make music for people who have visions, for people who believe in themselves but don’t necessarily know how to take action on that.”

Or maybe they don’t believe in themselves… yet. “Maybe they want to believe in themselves. Maybe they come to me, they come to my music to learn how to believe in themselves or to learn how to break away from the norm as much as they’ve wanted to their entire lives, ” he says. “I just provide that bridge for people to unplug from the Matrix.”

His first mixtape, Destroyer, was released in 2015 to critical acclaim from reputable sources such as (COMPLEX, HipHopDX, 2DopeBoys, HNHH, and more). The album spawned Collins’ first big landmark record “Light Work”, which made it to A list rotation at KKFR POWER 983 Phoenix. The album featured guest appearances from Disashi of Gym Class Heroes, Jason DeVore of Authority Zero, Locksmith, Rittz, and Jarren Benton. His second, The Legend of the Phoenix, was released in 2016, and included the haunting standout track “Others”. The album also birthed the inspirational song “Possible” which was Collins’s second radio single to receive heavy spins at KKFR, Phoenix. Since then, his fan base has exploded — and includes devotees who don’t just enjoy his music, but who also consider him to be a new age shaman.

Collins spent the next chapter of his career taking a break from albums and releasing Singles. “Yap Yap (2018)” was Collins most recent single to hit KKFR Phoenix, and earned Collins his first major endorsement deals with Pura Earth Cannibus Co. and USA Today. Another milestone Collins was able to reach in 2018 was the release of his biggest collaboration, a single with legends Jadakiss & Tech N9ne called “Made For This” which featured Collins on the hook.

While in the process of creating his latest album, Collins spent most of 2019 in the batcave…However, he was still able to score some big placements with UFC, Pay Per View, MTV, BET, NFL, & More. None of which was bigger than UFC 253 (Adesanya vs Costa), where Sincerely’s single “Let It Ring” was featured as the main event theme song. This garnered the Phoenix native a TON more eyes across the globe as he wrapped up his most recent effort.

The sound of his newest project “ALIEN” is self described as “a mature, confident, dark, and inspirational look into the most recent chapter of my life.” Collins’ lyricism leaves it hard to believe he isn’t on a journey to becoming one of the most inspirational and influential creators of our time. He knows it can be done because that’s the central theme of his own story. Perhaps one of the most enticing components to this latest effort is the versatility of sound. Collins seems to make a point to bring together elements from multiple genres to create this new sonic painting…  It’s what makes this visionary, wordsmith, alien, and wizard more than just a man who moves to the beat of his own drum, but one who encourages the rest of us to get with the rhythm of believing in our infinite potential.

That, more than anything, is what his music is all about.

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