SINGULARITY is a musical hybrid of Symphonic Black Metal and Technical Death Metal forged in the fires of the Sonoran Arizona desert in early 2010. The band consists of guitarist/vocalist Jack Fliegler (ToxicxEternity, Hemoptysis), bassist/vocalist Adam King (Malnurture, Depraved Heretic), and drummer Nathan Bigelow (Alterbeast, Solar Impulse)

They quickly made a name for themselves in the Arizona metal scene as well as the national technical death metal community with the release of their debut self-titled album in 2014 which currently has over 100,000 online streams and has received overwhelmingly positive reviews worldwide.

Embarking on US tours with bands such as VALE OF PNATH, AETHERE, and ARKAIK. Additionally, SINGULARITY made themselves a national brand and have celebrated various victories in contests such as Headbang for the Highway’s “Battle for Mayhem Fest 2013” and Headbang for the Highway’s “Battle for South by So What 2015”

North America