Based out of Austin, Texas, Slow Pulse is a diverse hardcore 4 piece band featuring frontwoman Brooke Hampton, guitarist Matt Parker, bassist Chris Arme, and drummer Clamore Wolfmeyer. Since their breakthrough with the release of their first EP “No Room for Goodbyes” in early September 2023, and hard-hitting singles earlier that year, they have hit the ground running, performing at the 2023 Furnace Fest festival and sharing stages with bands like Evergreen Terrace, Hatebreed, Walls of Jericho, and Traitors. Their sound, a potent mix of energetic rhythms and dynamic melodies, is paired with a raw lyrical intensity that captivates audiences. This relentless passion and performance can be seen on their Instagram page, @slowpulsetx, and has earned them recognition from the Austin Chronicle as one of the crucial concerts for the week.