Smile Empty Soul is a hard rock trio that originated in Los Angeles, CA in the late 1990’s and has stayed true to their brand of “no bullshit”, “real as it gets” hard rock to this day. The band signed a major label record deal in 2003 to release their self-titled, gold selling debut in May of that year, and realized huge success at alternative radio, rock radio, and the music video channels that have since fallen by the wayside. After 3 very successful singles and videos from the debut release, the band ran into trouble with their record company (which was in the midst of turmoil at the top levels), and found themselves working extra hard in the trenches signed to indie labels.

This would become SMILE EMPTY SOUL’ s destiny, as they would go on to release record after record, on label after label. The band has become known for its constant touring and never wavering honest sound/lyrics. They’ve never changed for anybody, and turned down many opportunities to “sell out” because it’s just “not who they are”.
Now, with 8 albums released and a new one on the way in May of 2018, smile empty soul is establishing itself as one the defining underground rock bands of its generation.


• Sean Danielsen – Vocals, Guitar

• Ryan Martin – Bass

• Jake Kilmer – Drums

North America