Spirit Breaker is a metalcore band from Michigan. Since their formation, the group has devoted itself to themes of vulnerability and innovation. Known for their ability to slide between genres, Spirit Breaker’s ambient undertones and metalcore breakdowns have showcased a cleverness in talent, with lyrical transparency that demonstrates sincere intentions.

While Spirit Breaker’s debut full-length, Human Nature, casts a wide net in theme and instru- mentation, their newest release is more uniform in tone. Due to release on Solid State Records, Cura Nata delves deep into the underbelly of human emotion. Intricate sounds meet booming riffs, resulting in the band’s heaviest, lengthiest, and most experimental project to date. By high- lighting personal and relatable struggles with truth and grit, the project matches sincerity with gloom, illuminating an imaginative group of storytellers bent on relating to one another.

Remaining consistent in their agenda, Spirit Breaker is and will always be a band whose music tells the truth.

North America