Canadian trio TEETH offer up a seething cacophony of “unapologetically pissed off noise,” which provides perfect catharsis for the absurd times we currently find ourselves enduring.

Indeed, as guitarist Chris LeMasters says of the band: “TEETH is an outlet for us to speak about the things we think need to be talked about MORE – things that might be uncomfortable, or upsetting, or that may get swept under the rug. Personal experiences and feelings that might be too dark, or negative for our other bands. TEETH is very cathartic, in that respect.”

“Always talked about starting a band that’s just in-your-face and unapologetically heavy, so when we all finally had the time to make it happen, we decided to pull the trigger. Within a week or two we’d fully fleshed out our first three songs: Destroyer, Smother and Filth. It just clicked so well and felt effortless, so we released those songs independently and got crackin’ on some more.”

North America