Alongside their counterparts in Abigail Williams and Winds of PlagueTBP were the first out the gates in terms of bringing a symphonic, melody driven black metal influence into modern deathcore, setting the benchmark in 2008 with their genre melding debut In Waking : Divinity.

Fusing Unearth Oncoming Storm era style breakdowns with Dimmu Borgir flair reminiscent of Puritannical era, then adding the syncopated attack of the likes of DecapitatedTBP had unknowingly created a sound that would be imitated by many to come. TBP are the true originators of modern blackened deathcore and have returned to claim their crowns.

Their fourth album Labyrinthian is a majestic and nightmare fuelled journey deep into blackened death metal done how it’s supposed to be. Featuring guest vocals from David John Simonich (Signs of the Swarm), Jamie Graham (Viscera) & a monumental mix and master from Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Rivers of Nihil)