Formed in Sacramento, CA, the Odious Construct was originally founded by guitarist Wes Yee and drummer KC Brand in early 2015 under the project name Kancho. The two recruited Ben Jackson (ex-guitarist), Sam Datu (Bass) and Casey Ryle (Vocalist). By mid-2016, the band independently released their self-titled debut EP. The EP was well received around the world, and built a solid foundation for the bands promising future.

The Odious Construct was then approached by The Artisan Era and released their highly anticipated follow up EP, “Shrine of the Obscene”. After a successful release, Ben Jackson decided to part ways with the band just before their west coast tours with Aethereus and Mordant Rapture. Subbing in for Wes for the tour was Nate Graham (Wastewalker), and subbing in for Ben was Allen Burton (Symbolik, Ex-Alterbeast).

After 2 successful tours with Nate, the band decided to recruit him as their full time guitarist. During this time period Casey decided to step down as vocalist so the band recruited Jake Vancil, of Dethrone the Sovereign. Together, the band released a single, Throne of Misanthropy with the newly solidified line-up in 2020. Since then they have been diligently working on their debut full length, to be released under The Artisan Era.

North America