FFO: Lower Definition, Oceana, Funeral For A Friend, Underoath, Saosin

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN is a new project featuring ex-Emarosa (Corsets Are Cages) vocalist Chris Roberts alongside guitarists Chris Wethington & Garrett Harper (Softspoken), and drummer Cody Frain (A Scent Like Wolves).

Classifying themselves as “new old-posthardcore” THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN masterfully blend elements of classic post-hardcore with modern metalcore to create a truly unique listening experience that is both familiar and refreshing.

Their debut single “Detach: Envenom” was premiered by Revolver Magazine, and has received praise from outlets such as Chorus.fm as being in the same vein as post-hardcore OGs such as Underoath, Saosin, and Thrice.

“This is really just a collective representation of the truest part of each of us,” vocalist Chris Roberts explains.

From the lyrics that are as raw as they are poetic, to the blend of aggressive and passionate vocal delivery, to the instrumentation that is equal parts precision and chaos – THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN are masterful in their creation of a sonic soundscape that enraptures the listener.

“The music that we make is the four of us taking the emotions that we have, whatever they may be, and turning them into something healing. It’s cathartic,” Roberts expands, “and it’s surreal to be a part of it.”