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Agent UK/Europe
Ben Lodwick started his career in music as a novice guitar tech for his friends in high school and he’s come a long way since then. That hobby inspired him to study music tech at Leeds Metropolitan University and sent him down a path that would become his career. Upon graduating, Ben interned at Northern Music Co & NMC Live where he also accepted his first professional job in music, working as a manager. It was during this internship that Ben realized he wanted to work in music for the rest of his life. 


With 6 years at NMC, Ben learned every aspect of the music industry, through firsthand experiences that alway kept him on his toes. During this time he worked with Opeth, Paradise Lost, The Wildhearts, and Katatonia, achieving numerous chart positions and many sold out shows and tours along the way. These experiences, coupled with a team that helped him flourish, afforded Ben the ability to carve out the perfect niche for himself in the industry. Ben’s favorite thing about working in live music is facilitating the connection between artists and fans in real time. He believes hard work builds the stepping stones to achievement and plans to keep up that trajectory while at Dynamic Talent.