Johnny Booth doesn’t miss. The band’s goal is simple – make the music they want to make, and never compromise on quality. Reinventing what it means to be a DIY band, Johnny Booth is dedicated to carving their own path.

Falling somewhere between hardcore and metalcore, but difficult to define, Johnny Booth uses raw emotion, honesty, and purposeful aggression to develop their unique sound. Metal Injection has recently described the band as “…the answer to the question ‘what does bloody anger sound like?’, in the best damn way possible.”

Their latest full-length album, Firsthand Accounts (2019), captured critics and listeners alike with this sound, and the band continued to develop and mature through the release of their latest EP, Storyteller (2022).

With their next full-length album set to release in 2023, Johnny Booth is set to further define themselves as a must-listen in the scene. They don’t miss – so don’t miss them.