MAMAMOO is a four-member girl group consisting of Solar, Moon Byul, Whee In, and Hwa Sa, who are loved by the public for the outstanding singing skills and spectacular performances. In 2014, the group officially debuted with their song Mr. Ambiguous” and impressed the public with their proficient stage manners and perfect vocal performances.

Since then, they have released songs such as ‘Piano Man’, ‘Um Oh Ah Yeh’, ‘You’re the Best’, ‘Decalcomanie’, ‘Yes I am’, ‘Starry Night’, Egotistic’, ‘Wind flower’, ‘gogobebe’, and ‘HIP’. The album became a hit in a row, and they became known as one of the best popular girl groups in Korea.

Also, MAMAMOO has established itself as a “performance idol group” by selling out more than 10 concerts since their first concert in 2016.

In November 2020, MAMAMOO released the 10th EP [TRAVEL] and received great love for their unique and intense performance with the pre-released song ‘Dingga’ and title song ‘AYA’.