When you hear Marielle Kraft’s music or experience her candid live shows, you feel as though you already know her. The indie pop singer/songwriter, now based in Nashville, displays craftsmanship beyond her years, following suit to artists like Shawn Mendes, Maisie Peters, and Taylor Swift.

Self-taught, the Rhode Island native began playing guitar at 16 and soon writing songs that strike chords with listeners everywhere. Her gift for storytelling is evident through her use of salient detail, raw emotion, and poignant word choice to describe moments “exactly as they feel.”

Over the past few years, Marielle Kraft has self-released two original EPs, including eight singles, and four official music videos.

Kraft’s 2017 debut single, “How Far You Feel,” has collected over 1 million streams across platforms. The indie pop breakout track seeks to understand the dichotomy of physical vs. emotional distance in relationships, brilliantly expressing “what many feel but cannot find the right words to say.”

Marielle Kraft’s debut studio EP, “The Deep End” officially released on July 12th, 2019, featuring fan-favorite tracks like “Toothbrush” and “Better Without You”. Kraft’s first effort is notably strong both lyrically and sonically, described by The Music Mermaid as “song after song of mini pop addictions.”

In February 2020, Marielle Kraft co-released an “anthemic” and “heart-filled” single with Joshua Howard entitled “In It Together”, which has quickly gained support across platforms. 

Marielle Kraft regularly plays at venues across the United States, sharing stages with names as big as Mt. Joy, Ava Max, and Betty Who. She presents her live shows as a seamless narrative: evocative yet encouraging, deeply reflective yet refreshing. The raw authenticity with which Marielle invites listeners into her story cultivates a relationship with them beyond the song, as she is known to “bring together a room full of strangers.” Her “winning personality,” “genuine connection”,” and “gift for story telling” on stage have fueled the ever-growing crowds at each of her shows, with no signs of slowing down.

In spring 2018, she was crowned Grand Champion of the Mid-Atlantic Singer-Songwriter Competition, and the following June she delivered a Tedx Talk at Firefly 2018, discussing the importance of honesty rooted in her songwriting process.

In 2021, Marielle Kraft released 4 singles, each of which found major traction on TikTok before becoming fully studio produced releases. “Everyone But Me” (February 19th), “We Were Never Friends” (March 24th), and “Second Coffee” (July 19th) feature a more developed sound than seen from Marielle before, while her latest collaboration with Charlie Brennan called “Sidelines” (October 29th) reached Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” and Apple Music’s “Breaking Singer/Songwriter” playlists.

Kraft’s sophomore EP “Heartspace” landed on September 30th, with lead singles “Shrink” (April 8th) and “I Kissed A Boy” (May 19th) already marking this as her most captivating work to date. A nearly sold-out headlining fall tour accompanies this highly anticipated release, with much more to come from this budding singer-songwriter.

Since leaving her full-time teaching career to pursue a life committed to creating music, Marielle Kraft has promise to follow suit to artists like Julia Michaels and Maisie Peters as the burgeoning artist makes an impact in the indie pop scene. Kraft’s highly anticipated latest single, “Owe My Ex” (February 10th), sets her on pace for an even bigger 2023.