U.S. -based, internationally touring singer-songwriter Shayfer James weaves lyrically eloquent dark-pop songs from gothic landscapes that evoke the narcotic mysticism of a Lewis Carroll-inspired three-ring circus. His piano driven music swaggers from decadent danceable anthems to soft-hearted ballads with jazz lilted satire and whiskey-dirt grit.

In addition to touring and recorded music, Shayfer is a theater maker and film composer. His original songs and film scores have been featured in films with premieres at The Tribeca Film Festival, SXSW and The North Bend Film Festival. “The Ninth Hour,” a musical he co-wrote and performs in with Kate Douglas, premiered at The Met Cloisters, NYC in 2019 with a complete soundtrack album due out in summer 2023. Shayfer has also composed for various theater and performance art projects presented in New York City, New Jersey, Iceland, London and Hong Kong.

Shayfer has independently released two full length albums, five EPs and various singles.
His next full length album, “Shipwreck” is due out in March 2023, with its first single “Devils & Rebels” available now and several more singles coming in advance of the album release. Shayfer will be supporting the releases with UK, EU  and U.S. tours beginning in February 2023.

You can listen to highlights from Shayfer’s entire discography on Spotify’s “This Is Shayfer James” playlist.