For the better part of a decade, Worriers have used their own brand of punk-adjacent indie rock to tell stories of heartbreak, gender expression, identity, and love. Now, on their first studio album in years, Trust Your Gut, songwriter Lauren Denitzio returns with a self-produced and pivotal release demonstrating the complexity of their career.

Worriers became their main focus after the wake-up call of open-heart surgery at just 25. The event shook them into starting a band that could evolve along with them. That priority takes center stage on Trust Your Gut, as Denitzio’s 2019 move from the East Coast to Los Angeles found them collaborating with Atom Willard (Against Me!, Social Distortion) as a fun exercise, only to realize they had started writing the next album together.

The sonic goals for the album led to the addition of Denitzio’s friend Franz Nicolay (The Hold Steady) on keys, along with lead guitarist Frank Piegaro returning to the lineup and Cayetana’s Allegra Anka on bass. It’s not every day an artist gets to share the stage with bands like the above, but Denitzio’s remarkable talent lies in their ability to turn admiration into meaningful collaborations.

To get where you’re going, you have to get away from where you’ve been. On Trust Your Gut, Denitzio emerges from the ashes, fortified by their past to build a more resilient future. As they sing on “Math,” “Sometimes it’s hard to remember that // I once loved all the lives that I lived before.”

North America