A feat of engineering, building elements of hardcore, old school grunge and nu metal into one another, it’s the sound of a band assured in their direction and opening up a new avenue for heavy music in the UK.

Black Coast music muses on vocalist Charlie Hewitt’s thoughts on how he’s let others see himself: “It can be a struggle not to just introvert yourself so much that you let no one in at all. This music is about trying to break down those self-imposed barriers. It’s about learning to cope when feelings of self-loathing creep in and how I’ve grown within myself as my mind and life change. “

The band’s forthcoming self-titled EP which will be self released April 2023. The EP was produced, recorded and mixed by Sam Bloor at Lower Lane Studios and mastered by Grant Berry at Fader Mastering. It is in Black Coast’s own words “their best body of work” they told RockSound magazine.

Black Coast will be taking their brand of heavy on the road across the UK this year on a clutch of dates. When experiencing them live, expect a raw orchestra of emotion and aggression with a harmony of pitch-shifting guitar, hard-hitting drums and haunting vocals.

Forged deep within the lost pottery kilns of Stroke-on-Trent, Black Coast released their debut album ‘Outworld’ in 2021 to acclaim from the underground scene and critics alike with Metal Hammer surmising that it “makes a statement” and broadcaster Sophie K proclaiming “Damn, this band are so good!” and Alex Baker proclaimed “they are an incredible band and have grown so much in such a short time and I love them” Black Coast aim to re-evaluate your sense and turn the music world on its head. The band’s musical blade has been tempered all over the world, from the neon clad streets of Japan to the backstreet bars of Glasgow.

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