Katacombs is the name Katerina Kiranos landed on after years of building sculptural furniture of bone and wood. Born in Miami to a Spanish mother and Greek father, she spent the majority of her early life bouncing between multiple cultures and wanting to adapt. The common thread anywhere she landed was her love for music. Piano lessons as a child led to days on end of writing and recording from her makeshift bedroom-studio as a teen, which turned into years of collecting songs- all just to store them away. Though she took a detour career-wise, she continued to play where she could and could never escape the urge to spend every day honing her first true passion. She played keys in a few bands and dabbled in open mics but always ended up feeling best in a dark room, single-handedly curating dramatic and ethereal melodies. Set on finally sharing that part of her world, the one most sacred, she started with a small body of work that embodies a wide range of some of her deeply rooted experiences and influences. 


“You Will Not”, her debut EP, is a collection of songs that individually represent a place and time of her life, amounting to a rather emotional rollercoaster that traverses geographical borders and genres, hitting the highs and the lows of self-discovery.