Signed and named by Nikki Sixx, the band’s first tour had them open for Godsmack, Theory Of A Deadman and Motley Crue. 2 years later the band saw TOP 20 successwith their remake of “Man Of Constant Sorrow” and their song “Unstoppable” was used as the theme song for WWE Pay Per View Special and continues to gain thousands of streams everyday. Now the band returns after hiatus with the new single “Skipping Stone” from the soon to be released EP, 1904.

Baltimore’s own Charm City Devils are battle tested and ready to have their bluesy, Southern-tinged hard rock anthems heard by the masses.

Onstage is where the band comes to life. They sharpened their live chops by touring with Motley Crue and Godsmack as part of CrueFest 2 and are supremely confident in their abilities and growth as a band.

“Go ahead. Underestimate me. Discount me. Count me out!,'” he said about the attitude which motivates him to succeed. “I love to prove people wrong and turn them around and win them over, and that’s what we do, night after night. Plus, meeting the fans, and introducing that human element, makes it all worth it!”

Allen and the Devils aren’t afraid to embrace their Southern rock and blues influence. For years he has been fascinated with Robert Johnson and the Delta Blues. “So much great music is from the South. Hell, even The Rolling Stones recorded at the famed Mussel Shoals studio in Alabama trying to capture that vibe.”

At this point in their career, Charm City Devils have gained plenty of experience. With three albums in their arsenal, they have narrowed their focus to a singular goal and that’s to rock. Their music and their live prowess are the connective tissues between the band and the fans and are the outlets to ease frustration we all face.

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