You don’t wait for opportunity to find you when you are Indianapolis’s Pickwick Commons, you go out and create your own. Touring relentlessly since becoming a full time band in May of 2017, the Midwest progressive hardcore act has been across the country and back purely on their own work ethic and desire to perform. A disturbing and charged soundscape makes up “Weak Bones,” the first full-length release made by the four-piece. Songs that reflect on the weakest moments in life mixed with the groovy, odd time signature riffs and crushing breakdowns set the stage for an intense emotional experience when listening to the lead single “Suffer.” The occasional melody and use of three distinct vocalists make the rest of the album stand out as an artistic take on what is considered modern hardcore and metalcore. Operating DIY for Pickwick Commons hasn’t been about “doing it yourself,” but about “learning how to do it and doing it right.” Self-produced, self-booked, and self-managed, the band has become a testimony to what can be achieved with the right motivation in the modern music scene. With Vans Warped Tour dates, Hate5Six Videos, and over 200 shows under their belt and on the horizon, there’s only one thing for certain: don’t sleep on Pickwick Commons.

North America